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Mission & Vision

Excess Funds Recovery LLC is your asset recovery and foreclosure consulting firm that specializes in excess funds by assisting homeowners with the foreclosure process after the property has been sold at auction. We locate, inform and recover the funds on the Client's behalf for a fee. 


Our relationship with our Clients is our main priority that enables the organization to develop the Reputation needed to engage with future Clients and stakeholders. In a situation like this, Client deserves full attention that will serve the need of an expedited and dedicated service.


The Organization is aware of the difficult situation that many homeowners face as a result of a foreclosure and the Team is committed to provide outstanding service to our customers based on Trust and Collaboration.


Our mission is to help our Client recover what is legitimate theirs while we make a living. Understanding that billions of dollars are unclaimed in the US on a yearly basis, we envision an opportunity to have all that money recovered and delivered back to the appropriate owner.

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